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I am going to go with the assumption that you know what Echolink is. If not, you can read about it at Echolink.org

*USA-GNG* Conference Server

The *USA-GNG* conference server is running TheBridge, and is host to the USA Grits n' Gravy Gang. Our group is very friendly and all are welcome. We have various nets and a lot of rag chewing. Come and join us!
The server controllers are K1TMM and AB1JU. Feel free to stop in and say hi!

We now have a link to Brandmeister as well - check out the details on the USA Grits n' Gravy Gang website.

AB1JU on Echolink

I don't get on Echolink much these days, if I do I'll make an appearance on the USA Grits N Gravy Conference Server. Hopefully in the future I'll find more time for echolink, but right now the day's schedule is fairly full.


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