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Welcome to the world of the CS700!

While the programming information presented here will mostly apply to the systems that are included in the AB1JU NCPRN Codeplug, they can be applied to other systems as well.

I am glad you have found my codeplug and hope you get lots of use out of it.  I do realize that what I have programmed may not be ideal for everyone, so I have provided these tutorials to help you to not only learn more about DMR programming, but to customize the codeplug to your own use.

The Tutorials

The tutorials will be covering different programming topics related to the CS700 for the NCPRN DMR systems. I have tried to write them very specifically with all steps (even the little ones!) included.  If something isn't working right for you, double check, re-read the tutorial and make sure you didn't accidentally skip a step.  When I wrote these tutorials, I actually went through the process while writing - so I've taken data entry points and menu labels / checkbox labels directly from the software as I went.  If you find any errors or omissions or something that isn't clear, please let me know. I'll be happy to correct it.

Useful Software

I strive to use publicly available software (read: free) to accomplish the majority of my CS700 programming tasks.  Occasionally, I will use a commercial product, like Microsoft Excel. If I do use a commercial product that you don't have a copy of, a quick Google will more than likely come up with an open source (free) alternative.

I use the following software, and these software programs are the ones referenced in our tutorials:


On the bottom left of each page (under the "Pizza Donation" section) are navigation buttons - Prev and Next.  You can use those to go back and forth between my tutorial pages.  You can also select a specific tutorial from the main page, or directly under the "CS700 Codeplug Programming" menu. (Under Radio Active - DMR)

If you like my work...

Please, buy me a pizza! (or two!)
Be Generous, Please!


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