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AB1JU NCPRN CS700 Codeplug Programming - Updating Zones

The Zone Information section of the CS700 codeplug contains, well, what else - zones.  A zone is a grouping of channels that belong together.  You can have up to 16 channels in a zone, which is the same number of positions your channel knob on the top of the radio has. Coincidence? I think not.

Your Zones

When adding a new zone, the CPS will always put it at the bottom of the zone list - not the ideal situation as that is probably not the order you want it to be in the radio.  The CPS also does not have a move or cut / paste function for zones.

So how do I move my zone, you ask? Simple - Colin (G4EML) who wrote the contact manager program has now released a zone manager program. Yes, you guessed it - Colin's program does have the move / copy / paste functions in it.

You can download this program from the CSI-DMR Yahoo Group file section.  Look for a zip file named "CS700_MD380_Zone Manager_v0-1" - that's the one you want. (You'll have to be a member of the yahoo group to see the file area, but you probably should be a member of that group anyhow. It's not a bad thing.)  Just a quick note - just like in the contact manager, when you right click something, do it in the box on the left end of the row, not on the row itself.

Re-Ordering Zones

Now that you've got the program downloaded, unzip it and we're ready to go.  To re-order your zones, run the zone manager program, open your codeplug and you should now see the list of zones that are in your codeplug.  Now you can right click a zone and select cut, then go to where you want it to be, right click the row below where you want it, and select "paste to row above".  (If it is only moving one or two slots, you can right click and select either move up or move down.)

When you are finished, don't forget to go to the File menu and select Save As - the software does NOT automatically save your work. After I do any major work to a codeplug, such as deleting / adding contacts or playing with zones, I always change the filename slightly when I do a "Save As" - this way, if there is some big mistook, I can "roll back" to my previous file - hopefully before I made the big boo-boo.

Re-Ordering Channels in a Zone

If you want to re-order your channels in a zone, right click the zone and select "Edit Channels" - a box will open up with your zone's channel list where you will be able to do all the nifty right-click thingys you could do with your zones.  There are also handy "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons to use if you'd like.  When you are done re-arranging the channel order, don't just close the box, click the "Return" button to close the box and return to the zone listing.

If you like my work...

Please, buy me a pizza! (or two!)
Be Generous, Please!


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